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Hello, I'm Pankaj Singh 

"My Mission is to help brand 
NEW Affiliate Marketers 
to start  their own Affiliate Marketing Business selling PROVEN products that converts so they can make monthly PASSIVE INCOM
doing what they love to do, spending QUALITY time with Family & working from  home on their own terms WITHOUT going to 9 to 5 jobs."

I am an Online Affiliate Business Consultant & I have helped over 50 people to earn their first affiliate commission. I've spent over 5 years learning everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing.

I have won One Comma Club Award by Russell Brunson. A award that is given to a person who has made at least $1000 with single funnel selling product or service online.

I have been featured in One Funnel Away Stories Podcasts by Stev J. Larson, The Offer King..

I have done OFA Challenge by Russell Brunson, who is a 9 figure Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of ClickFunnels & Author of Two best Selling Books i.e. DotComSecrets & Expert Secrets.

I have taken Personal One On One Coaching from Jacob Caris & Rachel S. Lee. Both are 6 figure Super Affiliates.

Further, I have also done the Video Challenge by Peng Joon who is a 7 figure Entrepreneur.

Recently I've been going through Akbar Sheikh's Coaching Program. Akbar Sheikh is a 7 figure Entrepreneur and 2 Comma Club Award Winner (A award that is given to a person who has made at least $1 Million with a Single Funnel/website selling product or service online) who has helped 8 Funnels to Hit 7 Figure.

One Comma Club Award!

Featured In One Funnel Away Stories Podcast!


Affiliate Marketer 

Ashu Karia ( Desi Marketer)

Affiliate Marketer

Sahil Sehgal

Web Developer Expert

Robert Long

Affiliate Marketer 

Manoj Kumar

Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate Marketer


Marketing Coach

Melvin San Miguel

Artist & Dance Expert

Abhilasha Jain 

YouTube & Video Creation Coach

Mithyl D

Affiliate Marketer 

Mohit Singh

Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate Marketer

Sagar Sangam Sahu

Affiliate Marketer

Pablo Hernández

Personal Coach

Mo Moletsane‎ 

Affiliate Marketer

Gagan Sahoonja

Affiliate Marketer

Anirudh Chauhan

Affiliate Marketer

Mahesh Shetty

Affiliate Marketer

Aditya Shrihari Panse

I officially entered into "One Comma Club Today". 

Thank You Pankaj Singh for your Guidance and Help.You are a Rockstar.😊✌🏼

CA Kalpesh Vithalani - India

Woohoooooo!!! I don't know why was I holding it back for long time... $300 in two days... 

Thanks to Pankaj brother for inspiring me enough to take the challenge...

Himanshu Bisht- India

Woah.. did it !!! 

Made $100 in commission...

Thank you Pankaj Singh ji for your unending help.

This is just the beginning and m sure with your amazing support will able to achieve more..

Sheetal Anand - India

Seeing is believing. 

Just made my first $100 on OFA... 

Thanks Pankaj Singh

Mo Moletsane - South Africa

My first $100 in clickfunnels One OFA Sale & 1 C.F. Sign Up. And just into Week Two of My OFA. 

Thanks to Pankaj Singh for the trainings and help. 

Malama Mukanu - Zambia

Pankaj Singh is 3G - Genuine Genius Guru, You rocks mate!! 

Made first $100 by promoting OFA..

Thanks Pankaj Singh...

Dharmesh Parekh - New Zealand

Small or Big , but Win is Win. After 4 months of hard work, ups and down , rejections, I made $100 as a Clickfunnels Affiliate. 

Believe me guys You are just ONE FUNNEL AWAY from your Dream Life. 

Thank you so much Pankaj Singh sir who helped me throughout this journey.

Bhavin Shah - India

Wow I made my first $100 Dollar. Thank you Pankaj Singh for your Help..

Deepthi - India

Want to give a big shoutout to Pankaj for his help. Yesterday I reach out to him cause I was hard struggling with one thing about Affiliate Marketing.

 “Didn't know where to start” Maybe you are having the same problem. Right? 
As you might know, sometimes in this game many people get caught in the cage of ”information overload”.

That was my case. So I spoke to Pankaj and now can say that the KEY is to find someone who already achieved what you want and let him guide you.  

His strategy for getting results is SO simple that even a little kid can do it. (Or your grandma maybe) 

No B.S . Just pure Marketing that completely makes sense…  He´ll take the time to encourage you and give you a Step by Step Guide you can follow. 

Forget about buying more courses online! And just focus on applying what he teaches.

Thanks to Pankaj Singh, especially for helping me at anytime and guiding me through this process!

Pablo Hernández - Costa Rica

For every problem there is a solution. Find a Mentor and get Clarity on your goals. Have a CLEAR Plan of action and  IMPLEMENT daily. Ask questions....and make mistakes and FAIL Forward! 
My brother from another Pankaj Singh was able to guide me Daily with  Encouragement and golden tips. YES I made many mistakes BUT... I kept going!  Boom! WE did it Brother!

Melvin San Miguel - Mayammar

Thank you soo much Pankaj Singh for your guidance in my Affiliate Marketing Business!

Rahul Raina - India

Pankaj Singh thank you so much my big brother... 

Always grateful for that 10 day challenge changed my life... 

Never ever possible to cross 150+ FB lives till day without break.

Sagar Sangam Sahu - India

Just started my OFA journey...many thanks Pankaj Singh for the inspiration and mentoring. 

Your BONUSES are the ones that stand you out from others. 

Again thank you for all your continued support....

Saurabh Gopal - India

This is a shout out to my dear friend and mentor Pankaj Singh. He has been always helpful in my journey with Clickfunnels. 

When I was just starting off, I was eagerly looking for people who could help me without actually selling me any of the courses.

I found Pankaj Singh and he showed me how I was just One Funnel Away to change my life. he was a constant support even after the challenge was over and he helped me execute tasks. he is a great accountability coach. He keeps you motivated and focused.

Life is too short and people like Pankaj Singh are constant reminders that humanity is the biggest religion. Kudos to a great mentor.

Elisha Massey - India

Thank you Pankaj Singh for the amazing live call, 

My head is now clear and ready to crush it!

Abhishek Chauhan - India

Thanks for your help in my Affiliate Marketing Journey Pankaj Singh... 

Max Termeti - United Kingdom

"IT WORKS!" I got my first bar!!!! 

Thanks Pankaj

Sanskar Vinod Tiwari -  India

It was pleasure to connect with pankaj on call where he guided how to take the business to the next level by doing the basic stuff like connecting and building relationship with the people by giving them value and how to build trust with them so they can join and work with you. 

I can assure from my experience if you can go ahead and join him. 

He is the right person to work with and he will make sure you will have the success if you are serious enough to follow. 

Thanks alot for the session Pankaj.

Gaurav Limaye - India

I woke up this morning & logged on to my account & I got my first affiliate commission! 

Thanks Pankaj!

Ivy Marie Sagrado - USA

Pankaj Singh, a big shoutout and thank you for the amazing and impromptu mentoring and hand holding session.

I reached out to Pankaj with a million questions and doubts.

I am starting the OFA challenge tomorrow and wanted some guidance. 

He was prompt with his reply and gave me a time to connect.

He is patient, encouraging, and above all realistic and practical. No false promises but a lot of good solid advice.

The online world can be quite confusing to the complete beginner and often difficult to gauge where to begin, what is essential, mistakes to avoid and the path to take. 

It always helps tremendously when someone who has walked the same path chooses to guide you in the right direction.

Thank you again and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Zarin Watson - India

Hi Pankaj 🙂

First of all Thank you so much for being with us. I'm writing this quick testimonial about the transformation I've experienced after I took a coaching call from you.

The main objective behind this call was the personal branding what are things I should keep in my mind to take this business in a next step. You helped me and I would really like to say Thank you again 🙂

I've been doing a few things but didn't knew that I am good with that but you sparked those skills as well 💕

Thanks for your time and your support 🙂

Usama Khalid - Pakistan

I am Nishant...

I have recently attend the mentorship call with Pankaj sir for clarity about my Niche and How I start my online journey.

Before I came the mentorship call I didn't know anything about my Niche, but after this call I am very clear about my Niche to being a successful in online and I am feeling very confident.

This was a wonderful experience that helped me become more confident in myself.

I would highly recommend everyone, specially for beginner to connect with Pankaj sir for your Niche clarity and how to start a successful online business.

Thank you so much Pankaj sir for give me your valuable time.

Nishant - India

I just wanted to say thanks for that amazing value bomb. 

Thanks for that clarity I really needed that and thank you so much for clearing that up for me I would love for you to teach me more and I look forward by to working with you I feel you really get me and where I’m coming from and I believe you can help me. 

Thank you so much Pankaj for your assistance.

Joseph Saturnino - Australia
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